Rocking Motherhood in 10 different ways – despite chronic illness


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When I saw that Natalie from?Surviving Life’s Hurdles?tagged me in a post about ‘Rocking Motherhood’, I felt both flattered and a bit nervous. ?If you ask my husband, one of the biggest things that…

Diversity Within Fiction, Are We There Yet? #amwriting #MFRW #diversity


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? When I first started to write it did cross my mind that being a British author, not everyone may connect.  It never bothered me and it still doesn’t  now.  I feel this…

Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Stevie Turner


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Welcome to Introduce Yourself, a new and exciting blog segment of The PBS Blog dedicated to introducing to you new and established authors and their books. Today I’d like to extend a warm welcome…

Happy 113th Birthday Salvador Dalí


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Today is the 113th birthday of the artist Salvador Dali. My very favorite description of one of his pieces is that of the 1940 Painting “Daddy Longlegs of the Evening — Hope!” The painting depicts an elongated,…