Happy 68th Birthday Tina Chow


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Today is the 68th birthday of the the model/designer/style icon Tina Chow. Her mixing of high and low fashion, minimalism, and androgynous styles was one of the first examples of an influence that is still felt…

The Red Tea Detox Diaries – The Top 5 Products I Use During My Detox


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Hello everyone! As I begin day 15 on my detox, my weight loss has slowed tremendously, but still respectable. In total, I have lost 10 pounds in 14 days. Not too shabby, however 8…

Happy 86th Birthday Anthony Perkins


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Today is the 86th birthday of the actor/director/singer Anthony Perkins.  You’ve obviously seen Psycho, but have you seen Pretty Poison or Murder on the Orient Express?  Those films will give you a more developed picture of his…

Adventures in Volunteering- PAWS


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I’m almost half way through my adventures in volunteering. It came as no surprise that my experiences have been both rewarding and fun. What did surprise me was the difficulty I encountered getting scheduled at…