Daily Prompt: Doppelgänger


The Bag Lady

I always wondered if there were doppelgängers, but found out early on that there are, maybe more than one? At the age of fourteen I started a pen pal program through school. I corresponded with a boy from Scotland and it was fun and interesting. I received a picture of him a few weeks after we “met”. He looked like the identical twin to my cousin George. I couldn’t believe it. I wonder where he is now, the Scot I mean. He joined the Merchant Marines. My cousin? I know where he is. We don’t talk and have not for many years. We chose completely different lives, thank heavens! 😂


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A Hidden Benefit to Intermittent Fasting – Nia Shanks –


Purple Almond Wellness

Hello everyone! I said, as I went on my sabbatical that I would occasionally post articles, and here’s one I thought you’d enjoy, especially if you’re interested in INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF)

One of the things I’m doing during my sabbatical is reading, lots of reading. Now, I read a lot during school, but on school topics. I rarely have time to read for recreation. Now what I consider “recreation”, are nutrition topics of interest to me. My current fascination is INTERMITTENT FASTING. This is something I began about a month ago, and have learned to LOVE! Why? I have MORE energy; I’m more active; I sleep better; I’m losing weight, without changing my diet too much.

I am currently reading the book EAT STOP EAT by Brad Pilon. (If you have kindle unlimited, it’s FREE!) In the following article, Brad discusses a hidden benefit of IF, something I myself have…

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Marquessa’s Friday Fiction Challenge – “Sorry Not Sorry”


Being Lydia!

I, unfortunately, realized I totally missed the first week of this awesome fiction challenge based on song lyrics. It was a song that I love; however, it was our anniversary and a million other things were going on as well. I will still write on that one but let’s get caught up with today’s lyric.

The challenge is to take the snippet of lyric and write based on it. Today it is “Payback’s a bad bitch” from “Sorry Not Sorry” by Demi Lovato.

I haven’t written fiction in a long time! So, let’s get right into it.


Annalee looked around at the empty house one last time. She figured she should feel some guilt or regret but she didn’t. She didn’t feel relief either. What she did feel was a sense of independence and, what was that other thing? Ah, yes, revenge!

She remembered the day six years before…

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Happy 83rd Birthday Lee Friedlander



Today is the 83rd birthday of the photographer Lee Friedlander. You know him because he is the photographer that took those nude photos of Madonna before she was famous. I am excited about him because he is from Aberdeen, like half my family. His work is so intimate and personal, you become invested in the subject’s lives. The world is a better place because he is in it.

NAME: Lee Friedlander
BIRTHDATE: July 14, 1934

BEST KNOWN FOR: An American photographer and artist. In the 1960s and 70s Friedlander evolved an influential and often imitated visual language of urban “social landscape,” with many of his photographs including fragments of store-front reflections, structures framed by fences, posters and street signs.

Friedlander studied photography at the Art Center College of Design located in Pasadena, California. In 1956, he moved to New…

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RIP Chris Cornell.


Lucky Otters Haven

I was shocked and saddened to learn that Chris Cornell died early this morning.  The cause of death was suicide.  He was 52 years old.

Chris Cornell was the frontman for the ’90s grunge-rock band Soundgarden, and later for Audioslave.   I’ll miss his unique voice and style, as will many.   But his memory will live on in those of us who were fans of his music.


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